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Meet Our Medical Director, Dr. MacGillivray

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To ensure all of our products are safe and efficient, Nanoceutical Solutions employs the expertise of Dr. “Mac” MacGillivray as our Medical Director. With his medical experience and extensive knowledge, your well-being is his primary goal!

About Dr. “Mac” MacGillivray

Dr. Mac attended medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, completing his Family Medicine residency training as Chief Resident at The University of Kansas Medical Center. He is currently board certified in Family Medicine. In addition to serving as Medical Director of Nanoceutical Solutions, Dr. Mac also provides a multitude of healthcare services at Grey Canyon Family Medicine.

Dr. Mac strongly believes in empowering patients to be their healthiest by focusing on their overall wellness. He emphasizes this philosophy through his work at Nanoceutical Solutions. Dr. Mac combines his compassion for others and vast medical knowledge, as well as the latest in medical advancements and technologies, to ensure Nanoceutical Solutions products are top of the line. His primary goal, and the purpose of every Nanoceutical Solutions product, is to help patients feel their best.

Learn more about Dr. Mac by visiting his website.