Which products should I buy?

Each product is created with a different goal in mind. The right Nanoceutical Solutions product for you depends on what you’re aiming to improve. Glutathione is ideal for everyone over the age of 35 wanting to stay nourished, Melatonin helps with sleeping problems, Kava is great for improving concentration, and Turmeric works to improve joint health.

When will I start seeing results from your products?

Results from our products can be noticed almost immediately. However, effects may take around one week to be physically visualized. Sometimes the results are so subtle that you won’t notice them until symptoms begin coming back upon finishing a bottle.

How many supplements can I take at once?

You may take as many supplements as you need. Our products are composed of naturally occurring substances in the body considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA. Due to the safe nature of these ingredients, you shouldn’t experience any negative effects if you are following the appropriate directions indicated on the product label.

We do recommend to check with your doctor if you are taking medication for other health conditions. Although there are no known drug, vitamin, or supplement interactions, it is recommended that these products not be taken with certain chemotherapies.

What is the recommended method to take these supplements?

Each of our supplements should be taken orally and held inside the mouth for 50 seconds to one minute. Labels come with directions specifying appropriate ways to consume each product. For general use, we recommend taking the supplement in the morning, or around the time in which its consumption is most beneficial. (For example, Kava can be taken 5-15 minutes before needed, or Melatonin right before bed.)

Is it possible to take too much of a supplement or multiple supplements?

If you take additional doses, or if you are taking multiple Nano products, please give yourself at least 30 minutes between each dose. Nano products should not be taken more often than is recommended on the product label. If you take Nano products too frequently, you will reach saturation and not benefit from additional doses. Always be sure to shake the product well before each use. This will ensure proper distribution of each dose.

Can I take your products after the expiration date?

Yes, you can. There are no ingredients in any of the products that can hurt you. However, we cannot guarantee potency after the expiration date.

Do I need a prescription to purchase your supplements and vitamins?

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase any Nanoceutical Solutions product. If you suffer from a health condition and are worried your Nano supplement may interfere with your medication, please consult with your primary physician.

What are the ingredients?

The full list of ingredients for our products are as follows: Nano L‑Glutathione reduced 200 mg, almond oil, silica gel, stevia and orange oil. None of our supplements contain stimulants, and all are gluten-free, lactose-free, non-GMO, and of non-animal origin. Additionally, the almond oil used in production is certified USDA organic.

What does Glutathione taste like?

The taste of Glutathione is a citrus orange flavor that is ever so slightly sweetened. We use stevia as a sweetener to reduce the tartness of the orange oil used in the product, which manages to mask all of the sulfur notes in the Glutathione. Many of our customers have expressed that they enjoy the taste.

What is Nano Glutathione?

Glutathione is your primary detoxification system. Glutathione exists in every cell in the body, and your body makes it naturally. Due to genetic mutations, diet, toxins, and aging, the natural production of Glutathione may decrease over time. As production goes down, the methylation cycle which makes Glutathione becomes less efficient, leaving the body with higher and higher levels of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes weight gain, aging, and is a primary contributing factor in most known age-related diseases, including all the diseases on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of most common causes of death.

Production of Glutathione is very difficult to increase through supplementation. Traditional oral Glutathione has been shown to be largely ineffective at raising Glutathione levels. Injecting Glutathione through an IV can be expensive and typically requires a visit to a clinic.

However, Nano Glutathione makes direct supplementation both possible and affordable. An independent university study that was recently completed on our Nano Glutathione product showed a 466% increase in blood levels over baseline after just one dose. Read more about that study here.

What are the benefits of taking Nano Glutathione?

The regular consumption of Nano Glutathione can be very beneficial for your body:

Glutathione is your body's master antioxidant. It is in every cell of your body, and it is the most important molecule you have for preventing aging and disease.

Most people will notice benefits like improved sleep quality, clearer skin, more consistent energy production, mental clarity, and overall health as a result of supplementation. This is because Glutathione protects and enables cells to function optimally.

One last way that Glutathione benefits you is through the processing of alcohol. If you drink, your liver must remove the alcohol from your body. This process requires Glutathione and cannot be accomplished without it. The decline of Glutathione production as we age is the reason hangover effects are more prominent the older we get. Supplementation with Nano Glutathione can reduce hangover effects and make them dissipate more quickly.

Many of us have an allergy to almonds. Are there versions of your product that do not use almonds?

As of now, we do not offer products made without almond oil. We are currently testing alternative formulas which do not include almond oil and will share further details in the near future.

I’ve heard oral Glutathione doesn't work. Is that true?

Research has shown traditional oral Glutathione to be largely ineffective at raising levels in the body. However, an independent university study of Nano Glutathione (which is administered under the tongue) showed a 466% increase in blood levels over baseline after just one dose. Our permeation study shows 83% absorption after 90 seconds.

Has there been any clinical research or study to support this product? 

An independent university study that was recently completed on our Nano Glutathione product showed a 466% increase in blood levels over baseline after just one dose. Learn more about that study here.

Can people with the MTHFR gene mutation take the product?

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is an enzyme that works as a catalyst for important biochemical reactions in your body. It converts vitamin B9 (folate) into methyl-folate, which is essential for a process called methylation. Although people suffering from MTHFR mutations may have problems synthesizing Glutathione, there is nothing that we can find in the literature that would support a decrease in absorption of Nano Glutathione, as it is already assembled Glutathione and doesn’t therefore rely on methylation to “assemble” it.

What does Nanoceutical stand for?

We wanted to give our brand a name that represented both the composition and goal of each supplement. Nanoceutical is a play on “nano-sizing” and “pharmaceutical.” Our team comes from the pharmaceutical industry from both the medicine and supply side, and we utilize nano-sized particles in the production of each product.