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Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

Safe & superior-quality ingredients for the best possible results.

Every great product starts with great ingredients. We pride ourselves on selecting the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients to produce an effective product that will create a noticeable difference in your life.

Acquiring our ingredients from manufacturers and distributors all over the world, we’re committed to providing your body with what it needs. All of our ingredients come from FDA registered facilities, ensuring a 99.99% strength pharmaceutical grade potency.

  • Ideal Doses: Our product ingredients are carefully measured to ensure customers receive the Food and Nutrition Board recommended daily allowance without reducing the potency of the product.
  • What Your Body Needs: Each and every principal ingredient in our products is exactly how it’s natured for your body. By utilizing the most natural components, we make sure to create a supplement that is healthy for your body and exactly what you need.
  • Superior Taste: Every product at Nanoceutical Solutions is perfectly complemented with the use of stevia or oil-based flavorings. Customers enjoy our flavors.

Testing Ensures Effectiveness

Testing Ensures Effectiveness

The Nano Difference is our process.

We have developed a proprietary process that enables vitamins, supplements and minerals to be nano-sized, allowing for smooth absorption. Our process enables our products to generate the best outcomes, assisting your body in a natural and clean way.

  1. Analysis - Before using any ingredient, we carefully observe and analyze its components.
  2. Evaluation - In order to ensure quality results, we test as we go. We conduct particle size analysis, and then move on to human trials.
  3. Results - With our extensive testing and research, we guarantee our products are safe and effective at producing results.

Through our test-focused process, we are committed to only selling products that have been clinically proven to work. We don’t just say our products are effective… we prove it!

Achieve Your Healthy Best Self

Helping You Achieve Your Better Self

At Nanoceutical Solutions, we want to help you reach an optimal version of yourself. Our products serve as an ideal bridge to become the healthiest you’ve ever been!

Each of our products has its own purpose, but they all encompass a common goal: Helping improve your body. By creating clean supplements, we’re able to assist in getting harmful chemicals out of your body, making the body cleaner and more energized, just the way it was designed to be.

With individual benefits achieved through every product, some of the areas targeted with our supplements include:

  • Detoxification - Glutathione is a great antioxidant to help reduce any toxins from the body, allowing for smooth energy flow and overall health improvement.
  • Inflammation - When looking to reduce inflammation and feel comfortable in your own skin, incorporating Turmeric into your routine is a must. It’s properties are a great component that assists in making your body feel leaner and less bloated.
  • Sleep Improvement  - Sometimes, stress causes the human body to become more alert and have increased trouble falling asleep. Melatonin is a natural way to induce sleep in a quick and effective manner.
  • Concentration - It is normal for there to be a lack in concentration whenever dealing with certain events. Our Kava supplement is a great way to feel relaxed and composed for short periods of time, improving concentration in all aspects.

About Nanoceutical Solutions

Nanoceutical Solutions is a technology-based Nanoceutical Manufacturing company located in San Antonio, Texas. We focus on producing the highest quality oral nutraceutical, vitamin, and supplement products that will improve the quality of life for our customers by unlocking the true potential of Nanotechnology.

At Nanoceutical Solutions, we are committed to only putting out products that we have arduously tested and are clinically proven to work.