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Nano Kava

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Nano Kava may help:

Ease Anxiety

Improve Sleep

Soothe Sore Muscles

Protect Neurons

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The kava root has been used in some cultures as an herbal remedy to help with stress and restlessness. Many people take it in some form to help achieve deep sleep without negatively affecting REM sleep. Kava is a mild muscle relaxant that loosens up the body while keeping you alert. You may experience relaxing effects for 2-3 hours after taking it. Nano Kava is very potent, made with 70% Kavalactones.

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Directions & Recommended Dosage

Shake the bottle well and squeeze the rubber dropper bulb to draw up 1 ml of product. Place 1ml of product in mouth and hold for 30 to 90 seconds and then swallow. Each 1 ml daily dosage of Nano Kava delivers 50mg/mL of KAVA Extract (Piper Methysticum).

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Nano Kava

$39.95 USD

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