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Nano Vitamin D3
Nano Vitamin D3
Nano Vitamin D3
Nano Vitamin D3
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Nano Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin - it is actually one of the most potent hormones in your body that regulates more 2,000 genes and bodily function. It does more than any other hormone.

What is even more amazing is that Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that your body is actually able to produce all on its own with a little help from sunlight. Unfortunately, for most of us sun exposure rarely provides enough vitamin D, in fact most of us are vitamin D deficient making supplementation necessary.

  • Improves Bone Density & Muscle Strength
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Supports Immunity
  • Helps Improve Mood

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Being “D-ficient” has Serious Health Consequences

Vitamin D is vital for total health, but over 75% of Americans are deficient. We all know how important vitamin D is for strengthening bones and supporting the absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

Most Bioavailable D3 Supplement Available

We make our Nano D3 using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade (cholecalciferol) which is the exact form of vitamin D3 naturally made by your body after your skin is exposed to sunlight. We nano size our D3 and suspend it in a fat soluble source (almond oil) enabling it to easily enter the blood stream making it the most bioavailable D3 product on the market.

D3 Benefits

Enhance Muscle Function

People with higher lean mass and muscle mass also tend to have higher levels of active vitamin D. This suggests that active vitamin D may help to optimize muscle strength.

Cardiovascular Function

The heart is basically a large muscle, and like skeletal muscles, it has receptors for vitamin D. So perhaps it’s no surprise that studies are finding vitamin D deficiency may be linked to heart disease.

They found that men who were deficient in vitamin D were twice as likely to have a heart attack as men who had adequate levels of vitamin D. Other studies have found that low vitamin D levels were associated with higher risk of heart failure, sudden cardiac death, stroke, overall cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular death.

Immune Function

Vitamin D could rightly be described as a “miracle nutrient” for your immune system, as it enables your body to produce well over 200 antimicrobial peptides, which are indispensable in fighting off a wide range of infections.

Mood & Cognitive Function

Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. It is involved in the regulation of hormones related to stress.

Boosts Weight Loss

Vitamin D can BOOST weight loss! New evidence shows that increasing vitamin D can reduce body fat and boost weight loss.

A recent study with 218 participates who supplemented with Vitamin D lost an average 7 pounds more than the placebo group. In another study of 4,600 women found that higher levels of vitamin D were linked to less weight gain over the 4.5 year study.

Respiratory Function

Studies show that People with Higher levels of Vitamin D have better lung function.

Unlike Others, Nano Vitamin D3 is Clinically Proven


While going through chemo (and then followed by radiation), my energy level was awful. But my friend and owner of this company turned me onto the B12 and the D3 supplements. I can't tell you how much better my energy level was and still is while going through all of that treatment. I thank you so much for your product, and I continue to take it today while still finishing my radiation.

I also have a child who had extremely low B12 and D levels and needed to take weekly B12 shots. She noticed as the week progressed her energy level decreased dramatically as well as her mood. Again the owner suggested the B12 supplement. She now does not have the dips and the downs days after giving herself the shot, so once again my family is grateful! Keep on doing what you're doing. Thank you all.

Review by Susan Gre

Absorption in Seconds

The majority of supplements are simply not worth taking, their benefits are lost in the stomach and never make it to the bloodstream. Our patented technology allows us to nano-size particles; which means 85% of each dose is absorbed within 60 seconds.

Backed by our 90-day Worry-Free Guarantee

We have thousands of verified five-star reviews. Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+. We’ve been endorsed by doctors, top athletes, and even celebrities. Plus: we offer a worry-free guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied within 90 days of your first purchase, simply return the unused portion of your product and contact our Customer Care Department at 1‐888‐784‐7826 for a refund (minus shipping & handling).